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Who Was Edmon Low

You know the building. Now meet the man! Learn more about the history of Oklahoma State University, including more about the Library, at and in the Centennial History…

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The Coral Bark Japanese Maple Tree

Host Casey Hentges introduces us to a vibrantly colored tree that provides color to the landscape even in the middle of winter, the Coral Bark Japanese Maple. Airdate (03/19/22) #4838Questions? To…

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Top 5 Columnar Trees

Host Casey Hentges walks around campus and points out the top five columnar trees you might consider adding to your landscape. Airdate (06/19/21) #4751 Questions? To find out more information…

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OSU Campus Beautification ft. Steve Dobbs

We speak with a familiar face to Oklahoma Gardening viewers as former Host, Steve Dobbs, shares with us the influence the Hargis's have had on Campus Beautification and how Steve and his team…

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How President Hargis brought Campus Beautification to OSU

We talk with President of Oklahoma State University, Burns Hargis, and his wife First Cowgirl, Ann Hargis, about the importance of sustainability, health, and wellness on campus. Airdate…

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Sustainability on OSU Campus

We interview with Ilda Hershey, Sustainability Coordinator of OSU, and see how sustainability has trickled all the way down to the students. Kim Hagan, Horticulture Club President, and Adrian…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4742 (04/17/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:23 Campus Beautification ft. Steve Dobbs Today we have a special Oklahoma Gardening episode as we speak with a familiar face to Oklahoma Gardening viewers with…

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The Behind the Scenes look of a Soil Sample in a Lab

Oklahoma Gardening takes a tour through the Soil, Water and Forage Testing Lab on OSU campus with Lab Manager, Kendal Henderson, and looks at the process that our soil sample goes through behind the…

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Orange is the Answer

At Oklahoma State University, our experts turn to research to solve our society's most pressing needs. From aerospace to health, we're committed to our land-grant mission; enriching the…

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SUAB 2021: Sno Cones with SUAB

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DIY Wednesdays

The Student Arts Alliance is planning a fun series of events for Do It Yourself things! Come be a part of the fun and make your own awesome stuff.

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State of Student Affairs, Q&A with the VP of student Affairs

Featuring a Q&A with Oklahoma State University Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Doug Hallenbeck...

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Finding Your Passion

Listen to what other students and faculty say about how they found their passion in college.

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Updates for the OSU Stillwater Campus in 2020

Thomas Coon, the Vice President and Dean of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources at OSU, stops by to talk about OSU Extension and the construction of a new high tech Ag Hall building here on…

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NEW Greenhouse Learning Center at OSU

We take a tour of the new Greenhouse Learning Center on the OSU Stillwater campus with Floriculture Professor, Bruce Dunn, who has a few classes in the new facility and shows us some cool features…

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Oklahoma Gardening #4721 (11/21/20)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening we are wrapping up the gardening season with a tour of newness and growth within the horticulture and landscape…

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