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Contact Information

Connect with your admissions or financial aid counselor for more information and answers to your financial aid questions.

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Useful Tools

No surprises! OSU Undergraduate Admissions presents all the tools and resources available to help you calculate expected college costs.

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Money Saving Opportunities

Save money by earning college credit before you come to college—OSU Admissions shows you how.

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Maximizing Student Opportunities

Learn how and when to apply to maximize your scholarship potential at OSU from the Undergraduate Admissions team.

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Make the most informed decision when you apply for student loans. OSU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions compares student loan options, including Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized and…

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Student Employment

To work or not to work while in college…OSU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions breaks down the benefits and types of student employment, as well as where you can find a job on…

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OSU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions explains the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so you’re ready to take the first step toward college affordability.

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Take an in-depth look at scholarships with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and learn about the types of awards, the differences between resident and non-resident scholarships and how you…

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Meet Your Admissions Counselor: Natasha Seymour

Meet one of OSU's Admissions Counselors: Natasha Seymour

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Meet Your Admissions Counselor: Ashten Hendrix

Meet one of OSU's Admissions Counselors: Ashten Hendrix

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2022 Scholars Day

Some of the brightest students in Oklahoma and across the country visit Oklahoma State University.

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2022 Inspire Orange Conference

Principles, counselors and staff meet at Oklahoma State University to learn relevant information for their students' success.

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How We Build Cowboys

At Oklahoma State University, we build Cowboys!

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Up Close

Up Close is an event that brings high school students to OSU's campus to learn more about the different majors OSU offers. This is also a great opportunity for students to take a campus tour.

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