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Remembering Dr. Margaret Clark

On the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, we remember all those who were lost and whose lives were changed forever especially two alumna Dr. Margaret "Peggy" Clark and her…

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From Warrior to Saint: The Journey of David Pendleton Oakerhater

View the collection on the OSU Library website at

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 7 - Fact Checking

We find, use and share information online every day. It's something we're used to, but that doesn't always mean we're great at deciding what to trust and what to challenge.

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Business Building Tour with #IAB Students Peyton and Forrest

Check out some of the coolest spots in the new business building and hear perspectives from successful alumni of the business school, such as Stan Clark and Jennifer Grigsby.

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The Man Behind the Design: Eskimo Joe's

Amelia Henderson from OStateReport talks with the mastermind behind the Eskimo Joe's shirts designs (Posted: 9/22/16)

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 6 - Search Smarter

There’s an absolutely ridiculous amount of information out there in the world, with more and more being created, published, and shared every day in a huge number of formats. Sure, searching…

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 5 - How is your information created?

Information is literally everywhere. We have the ability to create and share information in a split-second and send it out to the world. That information can be shaped and packaged in different ways…

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 4 - It's All About The Questions

Questions drive a lot of what we do every day. Sometimes, they’re simple. At other times, our experiences lead us to ask more complicated questions that can’t be answered so easily and…

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 3 - Information Has Value

You may have easy access to lots of information, but is it really free and can you really access EVERYTHING? As a researcher, it's important to recognize the resources needed to produce…

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 2 - Who Do You Trust and Why?

We all do research, but how do you decide who to trust or what information to accept or leave behind? Context, authorship, and evidence help you determine authority, trust, and reliability. Here are…

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 1 - Research is a Conversation

Academic research can be difficult, but you’re not alone! Research is a conversation between many different “voices” that each contribute a unique perspective on a topic. There are…

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Library Creativity Award

The Library Creativity Award is designed to encourage and reward the creative efforts of students at OSU by asking them to use techniques, skills and ideas learned during "Tech Tuesday @2,"…

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A Haunting at OK State Library

With years of chilling tales about ghosts in the OSU Library, we set out to do our own investigation. Find featured news stories and haunting tales from Library staffers."

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OSU Student Body & Stan Clark Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Eskimo Joe's Stan Clark and the OSU student body accepted OSU President Burns Hargis' nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The OSU student body now challenges the students at…

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IN THE NEWS: Wyndham Clark Plays Big for His Mom

Cowboy Golf redshirt freshman Wyndham Clark was highlighted on the Golf Channel after losing his mother to breast cancer. Clark now plays to make his mother proud.

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Zumbafest At The Colvin

This dance craze that's sweeping the nation is making the trip to the gym more fun. Juan Feliz takes us to Zumbafest....

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