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Business Building Tour with #IAB Students Peyton and Forrest

Check out some of the coolest spots in the new business building and hear perspectives from successful alumni of the business school, such as Stan Clark and Jennifer Grigsby.

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#IAmBuilding Junior Year - Forrest Hull

Check in with #IAmBuilding student Forrest Hull and learn about his first semester of junior year at OSU!

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Sophomore Year - Forrest #IAmBuilding

The second year of the #IAmBuilding project has come to a close. Learn about the major developments in Forrest's life in the past year.

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The First Year of the #IAmBuilding Project

Have you seen the #IAmBuilding hashtag around and wondered what it is? This video is a brief reminder of the purpose of the project that the Spears School of Business began in the fall of 2015.

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Forrest Hull #IAmBuilding

Learn about one of the Spears School of Business' I Am Building Students, Forrest Hull and his business, Paradigm Creative.

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My First Semester #IAmBuilding

The 6 business students in the 'I Am Building' project talk about what their first semester of college was like.

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My Experience as a Pledge #IAmBuilding

Participants in the Spears School 'I Am Building' project talk about rushing a fraternity and sorority and what comes along with it.

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Meet Forrest #IAmBuilding

Meet Forrest Hull, a freshman business student participating in the 'I Am Building; The Spears Experience' project. Through this project, The Spears School will follow select business…

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Marketing to the Next Generation of Beef Consumers

We talk about cattle inventories and marketing to the next generation of beef consumers with Clint Rusk, Michael Kelsey and Forrest Roberts at the 2013 Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association…

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Making The Pitch: National Student Advertising Competition

OSU students competed in the National Student Advertising Competition. Krystyna Biassou introduces us to these future ad executives...

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Forrest Rogers, Niblack Research Scholar 2012-13

Listen to undergraduate student researcher Forrest Rogers discuss his studies of the brain in relation to parenting styles by using the prairie vole and studying their activity.

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