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Spears Business Student Spotlight - Kris Ventura

Learn about the life and education of business student and golfer Kris Ventura.

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SUNUP: Regrowth: Life after fire

SUNUP heads to Woods County, where John Weir shows us how the landscape has transformed since fire ravaged the area one year ago.

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SUNUP: Community-Wide Thanksgiving

SUNUP travels to Pottawatomie County to see how a community shows its “thanks” for their school with a Thanksgiving-themed feast.

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Spears School of Business 2015 Golf Classic

A highlight reel from the 2015 Spears School of Business Golf Classic Tournament held at Karsten Creek Golf Course.

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Preparing The Course For the NCAA Regionals

Karsten Creek hosted the NCAA Women's Regional Golf Tournament. Michael Minshew looks at what it takes to get the course ready for play...

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Stillwater's Mushroom Farm

It's not the crop that comes to mind when you think of farming in Payne county. But one family has made a successful business off of farming mushrooms....

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SUNUP: Streambank Stability Project

SUNUP's Lyndall Stout talks with OSU Extension soil and water specialist Garey Fox about a research project looking at how stream bank erosion is contributing to sediment build-up in waterways.

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RESEARCH WEEK 2014: Bats and Pollution

A group of OSU researchers is studying the impact that pollution has on bats....

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Ashley Graupman - Niblack Research Scholars 2013-14

Ashley is a zoology major at Oklahoma State University. As part of the Niblack Research Scholars, she is researching the bone density of bats and rats at the Tar Creek superfund site. Click here for…

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OSU Alumni Inspiring Other Young Entrepreneurs

OSU Ag Econ Alumnus Kaycee Brandon talks to SUNUP's Lyndall Stout about her boutique Whiskey Creek and how growing up on a farm means she's no stranger to hard work. It's all part of a…

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OSU Men's Golf/NCAA Regional: Inside OSU

Oklahoma State (OSU) President Burns Hargis visits with members of the OSU golf team and discusses their upcoming NCAA competition. OSU's own Karsten Creek golf course will be the home of the…

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