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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4809 (08/28/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:16 Straw Wattle Host Casey Hentges shows us how we can use a straw wattle, tubes of rice straw manufactured for use in the control and prevention of erosion,…

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Identifying Fall ArmyWorms in Your Lawn

Eric Rebek, Professor of Entomology and Plant Pathology at OSU, gives us insight about all the little worms we're seeing eat up our turfgrass this time of year. These little guys are Spodoptera…

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Dr. Eric Benton on INTERACT

Eric Benton, Ph.D., at Oklahoma State University talks about the new research institute, INTERACT, at OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine and how it plays into his research on radiation…

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The New Farm Bill Decision Tool

Eric DeVuyst explains how the newly released ARC/PLC decision tool works.

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Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State

Eric Bates, outstanding senior in the Integrative Biology department, shares the value of studying Integrative Biology and his experience at OSU.

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A Critical Conversation: Do Black Lives Matter to the Christian Church?

The Philosophy department presents: "A Critical Conversation: Do Black Lives Matter to the Christian Church." The featured speaker was the Reverend Eric Gill. (Originally recorded on:…

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SUNUP: ARC-County Payment Data

Eric DeVuyst explains the upcoming ARC-CO payment and has decision-making help for producers.

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SUNUP: Canola Decision Tool

Eric DeVuyst tells us about tools to help producers decide between planting wheat or canola. He also talks about decision tools for extending grazing of cattle on wheat.

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RESCHEDULED: Beam Signing Event at Spears! #SpearsLeaveYourMark

Come to the Beam Signing Event on April 15th from 10-4 to get free hotdogs, Spears School gear, and to leave your mark on our new building!

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RAE Corporation

OSUIT alumnus Jim Swank cofounded RAE Corporation, which employs about 300 people who design and produce engineered heating, cool and refrigeration systems.

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Pete's Corner: Theta Pond

Reporter Nate Belt explores Theta Pond (original air date 10/6/15)

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OSU President's Masterworks Concert 2015

Under the direction of Dr. Z. Randall Stroope and Dr. Eric Garcia, the OSU Choral Ensembles and the OSU Symphony Orchestra will perform Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms, Borodin's Polovtsian…

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RESEARCH WEEK: That Sore Workout Routine

Researchers at OSU are taking a closer look at muscle strength and the amount of time needed to recover before continuing an exercise routine...

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Autumn Arts Gala

Whether it’s music , poetry or painting , art is a very prominent part of today’s culture. Oklahoma State University honored the arts by hosting their very first Autumn Arts Gala.

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Invasive Species: Stink Bug

OkState Extension Entomologist Eric Rebek explains why the brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive species.

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Okla. Quality Beef Network: Value Added Numbers

OkState Agricultural Economist Eric DeVuyst gives viewers information about the prices of value added cattle at the sale barn.

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