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Cowboy Family: Finding Our Home

Meet the Weidner's, a family from Fort Smith, Arkansas, who discuss their daughter Sophia's journey to OSU and share their experience going through the admissions process.

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Cowboy Family: Our Journey To OSU

Meet the Bassano's, a family from Paris, Texas, who share their experience going through the admissions process and why their daughter Reese chose OSU.

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Finding Your Place in the Cowboy Family

Meet Alexander Turner-Camacho and Andrea Rice, two Latinx students who tell their stories. They share more about their journey to OSU and how the Hispanic Student Association has impacted their…

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Wheat Harvest 2023: Race Against the Rain

(July 1, 2023 - Noble County, Oklahoma) SUNUP meets a sixth-generation farming family in Noble County as they fight to get ahead of the rain to harvest their wheat. For Extension fact sheets &…


Continuing a Legacy in Cleveland County

SUNUP heads to Cleveland County for Oklahoma's 2022 wheat harvest and to meet a fourth-generation farming family. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4746 (05/15/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:18 Ajugas Host Casey Hentges looks at a few different varieties of Bugleweed or also called Ajuga which are a part of the mint family, Lamiaceae.…

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Creeping Ajugas in the Garden

Host Casey Hentges looks at a few different varieties of Bugleweed or also called Ajuga which are a part of the mint family, Lamiaceae. Ajuga's are low maintenance, are easy spreaders and great…

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Cowboy Welcome 2021

The Class of 2025 gets their official welcome to Oklahoma State. Watch all the fun memories from Cowboy Welcome. *This video was filmed over the summer of 2021 and reflects the CDC's COVID-19…

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Changing the Narrative: Talking to Kids about Trauma

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, the topic for this session of Changing the Narrative is talking to children about trauma. How do we explain the dark history,…

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A Day in the Life: Tanya Massey

There are many Oklahoma State staff members working hard behind the scenes to ensure students get the best college experience. OSTATE TV's Meghan Robinson spent time with the Assistant Director…

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Ornamental Grass Series: Not True "Grass"

We conclude our ornamental grass series looking at the Asparagaceae family, which is not a true grass but they certainly are beautiful in our gardens! We covered lots of different ornamental grasses…

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Ornamental Grass Series: Shade Grasses

We continue in our tour of ornamental grasses by getting out of the sun to look at some shade grasses in the true grass family, Poaceae. Airdate (08/08/20) #4706 Questions? To find out more…

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6 Parts of the Plant We Eat

OSU Extension Assistant Specialist, Shelley Mitchell, has some fun activities for children to explore the 6 different parts of the plant that we eat. Airdate (07/11/20) #4702 Questions? To…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4702 (07/11/20)

Segment 1 (1:20) In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges has the top 5 things that you need for a great shade garden. 1. Try variegated plants and using different textures in…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Center for Family Resilience Hosts Free Training for Teachers and Parents

Chantelle Lott and Tia Claybrook with the OSU Center for Family Resilience at OSU-Tulsa speak with Fox 23's Amber Hughes about the center's free virtual PAX Tools training sessions. The…

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What is a "True" Lily??

In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening, Host Casey Hentges takes a look at a rather large family of Lily's. She compares Asian Lilies to Daylilies and gives us a few tips to tell the difference…

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