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Championship Basketball with Henry Iba at Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (OAMC)

Henry Payne Iba (1904-1993) was arguably the country’s best college basketball coach, and the OSU Archives holds documentation of his impact through a series of instructional films. The Play…

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Liam and Pete’s Pet Posse

Liam, the Bernese Mountain Dog, participated in Pete’s Pet Posse and made a big difference at Oklahoma State University. This short story, submitted to the BowWow film festival, highlights the…

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Healing Hearts : Pete's Pet Posse

The Bow Wow Film Festival, the nation’s premier traveling dog film festival, is returning to OSU. This year’s festival features touching films that will warm the heart, including the…

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Allied Arts 2020: Film Festival Series

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2019 Pete's Pet Posse Entry for the BowWow Film Festival

What do OSU’s premier therapy dogs dream about in their spare time?

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What Is It About A Dog?

Dogs have become a source of not only joy, but also healing on the campuses of Oklahoma State University. OSU Pete’s Pet Posse is the nation’s most comprehensive university pet therapy…

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Behind the Scenes of the Spears School Documentary

Here are some behind-the-scene sneak peeks of the filming that took place earlier this week on the Stillwater campus. Be on the lookout in the near future for a short-form documentary on business…

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ARCHIVES: Dr. Rollins on Joining OSU’s English Department in the 1970s

Peter C. Rollins graduated from Harvard University and was commissioned in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served three years, including duty in Vietnam. In 1966 Peter returned to Harvard to pursue a…

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Writing Out Loud: Jim Stovall (air date 10/21/13)

Bestselling author Jim Stovall talks about his new film, THE ULTIMATE LIFE.

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KOSU Moves To Renovated Building in OKC

KOSU moved to a renovated building on Film Row in Oklahoma City. On Friday, September 20, state and university officials attended a celebration of the new building.

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