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Flat, Cool & Acid-Free: The Cobb Speaker Series

With headlining authors like Ken Burns, Nicholas Sparks, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jodi Picoult, the H. Louise & H.E. "Ed" Cobb Speaker Series has a 30 year history of being a premiere…

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Building Peace, Generation by Generation: Global Briefing Series

Charles “Chic” Dambach, an alumnus of OSU, is the President Emeritus of the National Peace Corps Association; former President of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and former Chief of Staff…

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New Payne County Horticulture Educator

We want to wish our field producer for Oklahoma Gardening, Laura Payne, a fond farewell as she explores her new position as the horticulture Extension educator for Payne County. Laura has been…

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Panel Discussion: Racism Against the Asian American Pacific Islander Community | OSUIT Diversity Learning Series

Learn more about OSUIT's Diversity & Inclusion Committee here: Survey: #OSUIT #DiversityLearningSeries #Diversity

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OSUIT Diversity Learning Series: Diversity, Respect & Inclusion for People with Disabilities

July 2021- Diversity, Respect & Inclusion for People with Disabilities The OSUIT Diversity & Inclusion Committee welcomed Mike Shuttic for a discussion on "Diversity, Respect &…

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Diversity Learning Series: History of Pride Month and Defining the LGBTQ+ Community

June 2021 - The History of Pride Month and Defining the LGBTQ+ CommunityThe OSUIT Diversity & Inclusion Committee welcomed Toby Jenkins and Alex Wade for a discussion on the History of Pride…

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Simon Anholt: Global Briefing Series

Simon Anholt is an independent policy advisor to the Heads of State and governments of 57 countries. Anholt has written six books about countries, cultures and globalization. His 2020 book, The Good…

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Consequences of the Presidential Election on U.S. Global Engagement: Global Briefing Series

In a special event co-sponsored by the School of Global Studies and Partnerships and the College of Arts and Sciences, a three-person panel of experts from OSU will address “Consequences of the…

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Everett Eissenstat: Global Briefing Series

Everett Eissenstat, Senior Vice President of Global Public Policy at General Motors will join us for a discussion on Steering a Global Business through Turbulent Times. 2020 is proving to be a…

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Ornamental Grass Series: Not True "Grass"

We conclude our ornamental grass series looking at the Asparagaceae family, which is not a true grass but they certainly are beautiful in our gardens! We covered lots of different ornamental grasses…

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Ornamental Grass Series: Shade Grasses

We continue in our tour of ornamental grasses by getting out of the sun to look at some shade grasses in the true grass family, Poaceae. Airdate (08/08/20) #4706 Questions? To find out more…

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Ornamental Grass Series: Perennials

We continue our ornamental grass series by looking at perennial grasses. Casey gives us a whole bunch of perennials to choose from but watch out! Some of these grasses could be considered invasive in…

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Dr. Trita Parsi: Understanding the US -Iranian Conflict, Global Briefing Series

Dr. Parsi, an expert on the geopolitics of the Middle East and U.S.-Iranian relations, discussed the current U.S. foreign policy and the effect of diplomatic

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Interview with Dr. Trita Parsi: Current state of U.S. and Iranian relations

Dr. Parsi shared his prospective on diplomatic engagement in the Persian Gulf region.

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Allied Arts 2020: Film Festival Series

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Future of Internet in Public Diplomacy with Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers talks about the future of the internet in public diplomacy.

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