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Seed Your Future!

Seed Your Future Doug Needham, Former Professor of Floriculture from OSU and one of the founding partners for Seed Your Future, shares an opportunity for young kids to get into gardening. Be sure…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4733

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! We are starting the new season of Oklahoma Gardening by preparing for spring! 1:20 Bypass vs Anvil Pruners Host Casey Hentges will show us which pruning tools…

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The Future Entreprenuer

The younger generation of entrepreneurs is paving a path much different than business owners before them. How will this new, young mindset affect entrepreneurial food businesses in the future? Could…

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Know a Future Cowboy (2017)

The world needs more Cowboys. Know someone who fits the bill? Let us know!

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#SpearsLeaveYourMark Time Capsule Event

Catch a glimpse of the fun #SpearsLeaveYourMark Time Capsule Event, which allowed students to submit written messages to the Time Capsule that will be opened in 2067.

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Where Business Meets Health - Kyu Rhee on Augmented Intelligence

Dr. Ken Eastman, Dean of Spears Business, interviews Chief Health Officer if IBM Dr. Kyu Rhee on topics ranging from healthcare data analytics to augmented intelligence.

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How to Get the Job You Want - Advice from Spears Alumna Vickie Carr

Successful Spears Alumna Vickie Carr gives advice on how to stand out during the interview process.

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Library Future Series: "The Future of Learning"

"The Future of Learning: How will people learn the skills they need for academe, work and life?" Dan M. Russell, Uber Tech Lead for Google, joins the OSU Library faculty and staff to…

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Career Path: Your Future in Physics

In this talk we will discuss some of the challenges that new physics graduates (both undergraduate and PhD) face in the job market, and present a series of "case studies" of physics…

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Hester Street Painting: Homecoming 2016

Cowboys young and old showed off their creativity at Hester Street Painting for Homecoming!

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Step by Step with Spears

Take the next step: visit today.

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Advice from the Cowboy Family

Members of the Cowboy Family want to share some advice with high school seniors preparing for OSU.

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The Eastin Center Q&A - What If I'm Stuck in Oklahoma?

Professor Andrew Urich answers questions from real students about career development.

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Shelbie Witte, Literacy

Dr. Shelbie Witte shares about her background and research efforts, the opportunities the Watson Chair provides, and her work as Director of the OSU Writing Project.

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SUNUP: Rural Economic Conference

We get perspective from speakers at the recent Rural Economic Outlook Conference held on campus.

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New 3D Business Building Animation

New 3D Animation of the future home of the Spears School of Business.

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