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Why Go Greek at Oklahoma State?

Why should you Go Greek at Oklahoma State? Listen to students from all walks of life discuss what Greek life at Oklahoma State University is like for them and why they chose to join the Greek…

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Greek Discovery Day 2015

Incoming high school students and non-Greek students were invited to the annual Greek Discovery Day to learn more about what Greek life has to offer.

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2014 Greek Discovery Day

Campus fraternities and sororities opened their doors to potential new members to show them what house life was like. Samantha Morgan was there...

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Greek Discovery Day 2014

Prominent members of the OSU Greek community discuss their decision to go Greek and the benefits it offers students in a variety of forms throughout their collegiate career and beyond.

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OStateReport: President Hargis Looks Back At His First Five Years, An Interview With One Journalist Who Paved The Way For Women In The Workforce, A Look At Greek Discovery Day

In This OStateReport, we visit Greek Discovery Day, sit down for an one-on-one with President Hargis, speak to a leader in the Women's Rights Movement and check in on the progress toward getting…

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Greek Discovery Day

Erika Brown takes us to Greek Discovery Day, an event that shows high school students what Greek College life is all about....

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