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Why It Matters: Talks on the American Past featuring Holly Karibo

Brian Hosmer and Holly Karibo discuss "Border Policing: A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America," a book Dr. Karibo coedited with George T. Diaz. …

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Treat the Illness or Punish the Crime? A History of Drug Use and Addiction Treatment in America: Research on Tap

The May 2018 episode of OSU Research on Tap featuring Dr. Holly Karibo, Assistant Professor of History, and her research on the history of drug use and addiction treatment in America.

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Bans, Moratoriums and Protests: The New Normal in Immigration?

The Ethics Center, Political Science, and History conducts a panel discussion covering a historical perspective on borders, foreign policy and terrorism. This was recorded on 2-6-17.

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