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OSU Veterinarian Unite Mom and Baby

When a first-time mother wouldn't let the baby nurse, former OSU Big 12 defensive back Trent Alexander knew exactly where to turn--his alma mater. Were the veterinarians able to help?

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: Cystic fibrosis research to reduce deadly lung infections

Dr. Franklin Champlin is examining ways to prevent deadly bacteria from invading the lungs, which can lead to fatal pulmonary infections in cystic fibrosis patients. Learn more about Dr.…

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: Exploring the link between hepatitis C and liver cancer

Rashmi Kaul, Ph.D., is researching the role of the hepatitis C virus in the development of liver cancer. She is working to determine which mechanism within the immune system fights hepatitis C…

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Cow-Calf Corner: Foot Rot

Glenn Selk offers tips to prevent foot rot in cattle.

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Cow Calf Corner: Summertime Infections in Cattle

Glen Selk discusses summer infections in cattle such as foot rot and pink eye; along with treatment options and proper BQA guidelines for drug withdrawal times.

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