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A Haunting: Second Investigation

A Haunting: Second Investigation is a follow-up investigation from A Haunting at OK State Library in 2015. Watch last year's investigation.

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: Detecting illicit drug and explosives labs

Jarrad Wagner, Ph.D., talks about his research to improve the tools used in detecting the presence of illegal drugs or explosives in homes and other locations where production is suspected. See more…

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: OSU School of Forensic Sciences

Robert Allen, Ph.D., head of the School of Forensic Sciences at OSU Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS), gives an overview of the OSU School of Forensic Sciences and the types of research performed…

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OSU School of Forensic Sciences

Robert W. Allen, Ph.D., explains what forensic science does and talks about the Forensic Sciences Graduate Program at OSU Center for Health Sciences. OSU graduate students are trained for for…

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A&M Regents Task Force Findings

Interview with A&M Regent Chair, Andy Lester and Special Counsel James Bryant on report findings and recommendations.

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