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Winemaking with Sabatia Winery

We follow our grape harvest to Sabatia Winery where Owner, Steve Sneed gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into making his award-winning wine. Airdate (09/23/23) #5013 Questions?…

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CAS Major Profile: Chemistry

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 100 majors and countless ways for you to connect, achieve and succeed. To find out more, visit

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2018 3 Minute Thesis Finals: Zach Ridge

Drugs in Our Water?

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Understanding the structure and functions of proteins that play important roles in living systems

This episode of Straight Talk About Research features Dr. Smita Mohanty from the Department of Chemistry

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Faces of FAPC: Nurhan Dunford

Meet FAPC's Dr. Nurhan Dunford who was selected as the 2018 American Oil Chemist Society Fellow. Dr. Dunford has been at Oklahoma State University for the past 18 years where she works each day…

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ISO 17025 Adds Value

In 2009 FAPC's Analytical Services Laboratory was awarded ISO/IEC Accreditation, which is the most important standard for calibration and testing labs around the world.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Learn about the College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: Detecting illicit drug and explosives labs

Jarrad Wagner, Ph.D., talks about his research to improve the tools used in detecting the presence of illegal drugs or explosives in homes and other locations where production is suspected. See more…

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Jimmie Weaver

Dr. Weaver, assistant professor of chemistry, studies the synthesis of molecules to develop novel chemical reactions that allow more efficient access to molecular structures with greater diversity.

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Celebrating Research & Scholarship at OSU

Oklahoma State is a comprehensive research university that encompasses disciplines across an amazing breadth of areas. The video, shown at Research Week 2016, recognizes a sampling of the faculty…

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Three Minute Thesis: Evangeline Rukundo

Evangeline Rukendo presents her research thesis in the 2015 3 minute Thesis competition.

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: OSU School of Forensic Sciences

Robert Allen, Ph.D., head of the School of Forensic Sciences at OSU Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS), gives an overview of the OSU School of Forensic Sciences and the types of research performed…

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Faculty Conversations: Drs. Allen Apblett and Nicholas Materer

In 2014, chemistry professors Drs. Apblett and Materer were granted a U.S. patent for their development of a nanometric ink-based explosives test platform for use by law enforcement and security…

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Three Minute Thesis: Maeghan Murie

Undergraduate Arts and Sciences student Maeghan Murie gives her three minute thesis on her research in Chemistry.

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Three Minute Thesis: Zach Ridge

Undergraduate Arts and Sciences student Zach Ridge gives his three minute thesis on his research in Chemistry.

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Three Minute Thesis: Ahmad Jamaleddine

Undergraduate Arts and Sciences student Ahmad Jamaleddine gives his three minute thesis on his research in chemistry.

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