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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 3 - Information Has Value

You may have easy access to lots of information, but is it really free and can you really access EVERYTHING? As a researcher, it's important to recognize the resources needed to produce…

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 1 - Research is a Conversation

Academic research can be difficult, but you’re not alone! Research is a conversation between many different “voices” that each contribute a unique perspective on a topic. There are…

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SHAREOK at Oklahoma State University Libraries

SHAREOK makes the work produced here at OSU more discoverable on the web and creates essential pathways for researchers to connect and our students to gather reliable information. View the…

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Library Creativity Award

The Library Creativity Award is designed to encourage and reward the creative efforts of students at OSU by asking them to use techniques, skills and ideas learned during "Tech Tuesday @2,"…

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The Great War and Its Legacy: Dr. John Dobson

From "The Great War and its Legacy, 1914 - 1918" series, Dr. John Dobson speaks about the United States entry into World War I.

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A Haunting at OK State Library

With years of chilling tales about ghosts in the OSU Library, we set out to do our own investigation. Find featured news stories and haunting tales from Library staffers."

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Welcome Back, Cowboys

Through the years, we've been a home away from home for Cowboys from far and wide. We're here for you. Welcome back.

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DOCUMENTARY: Someone To Fight For

Examine the challenges of being a teenage mother. This documentary was produced by the OSU School of Media & Strategic Communications (posted 7/3/15)

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