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Stockpiling Bermudagrass?

(Aug. 12, 2023) Alex Rocateli, OSU Extension forage systems specialist, has information on stockpiling bermudagrass.…

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What's the Cost of Baling Summer Crops?

(Aug. 6, 2022) Brian Arnall, OSU Extension precision soil nutrient specialist, has information on nutrient values in failed summer crops being used for forage.…

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Managing Drought Stressed Alfalfa Fields

(July 30, 2022) Alex Rocateli, OSU Extension forage systems specialist, has advice for managing drought-stressed alfalfa fields. Learn more in this OSU Extension fact sheet:…

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Testing for Nitrates in Forage Sorghum

(July 23, 2022) We travel to Noble County to meet with a producer who’s getting his forage sorghum hay tested for nitrates. Dave Lalman, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, and Rick Clovis,…

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Using Corn as Forage?

(July 23, 2022) Alex Rocateli, OSU Extension forage systems specialist, gives guidance for producers wanting to use corn as forage.…

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What can happen when cattle eat toxic Johnsongrass?

Rosslyn Biggs, DVM, gives a quick overview of the potentially deadly effects of prussic acid. If livestock eat Johnsongrass with a fatal amount of prussic acid toxicity, their blood becomes filled…

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Naturally Speaking - Controlling Johnsongrass (5/16/20)

Dwayne Elmore explains how controlling Johnsongrass can benefit wildlife habitats. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a production of the…

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Testing for nitrate toxicity

We learn why testing for nitrates is so important for livestock producers, especially those in drier areas of the state.

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Johnsongrass & toxicity

Alex Rocateli has advice for producers who would like to use Johnsongrass for hay.

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Cow-Calf Corner: Prussic Acid Poisoning

Glenn Selk, OKSTATE Beef Cattle Specialist, explains the risk of prussic acid poisoning from grazing johnsongrass.

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