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Spears Business Research - Artificial Intelligence Patent Laws

US patent laws are designed to protect the inventor of a product or concept from having their idea stolen from them. But who gets the patent for something that was invented by artificial…

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Preliminary Patent Research

Provided by the New Product Development Center

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Faculty Conversations: Drs. Allen Apblett and Nicholas Materer

In 2014, chemistry professors Drs. Apblett and Materer were granted a U.S. patent for their development of a nanometric ink-based explosives test platform for use by law enforcement and security…

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Chad Penn

Dr. Chad Penn describes a 2014 patent for his development of a system that uses industrial by-products to filter phosphorus from drainage water.

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Yanqi Wu

Dr. Yanqi Wu describes his team's 2014 patent for Latitude 36 turf bermudagrass.

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Raymond Huhnke

Dr. Raymond Huhnke describes the development of a downdraft gasifier technology that uses switchgrass and other materials as fuel. The technology received a patent in 2014.

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