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IN THE NEWS: Pet Therapy Program Raises Money for Scholarship

Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa hosted the Bow Wow Film Fest at OSU-Tulsa on April 23, 2019. Proceeds from the event benefited a scholarship in memory of Blue, a P3T therapy dog who recently passed away.…

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Pete's Pet Posse: Assistance Dog Clarification

More and more people are bringing their dogs into public places that restrict pets in public places. Laws protect people with disabilities and their assistance animals. How can you tell the…

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What Is It About A Dog?

Dogs have become a source of not only joy, but also healing on the campuses of Oklahoma State University. OSU Pete’s Pet Posse is the nation’s most comprehensive university pet therapy…

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Pete's Corner: Disco and Pete's Pet Posse

Katherine Nyugen met Disco, a 5-year-old dog who is helping to improve the mental health of students at OSU.

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Loyal and True: Pete's Pet Posse

Oklahoma State University First Lady Ann Hargis and the OSU Pete’s Pet Posse were honored with the universities Loyal and True Award, which is given to an individual or group who personifies…

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OSU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Take a look inside the OSU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

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Pete’s Pet Posse Tulsa

Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa is an expansion of OSU’s Pete’s Pet Posse therapy dog program and serves OSU Center for Health Sciences and OSU-Tulsa. P3T dogs act as greeters and campus…

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Pete's Corner: Pete's Pet Posse

OSU's pet therapy program, Pete's Pet Posse, helps bring smiles to campus (original air date 10/6/15)

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Pete's Pet Posse: OSU Pet Therapy Program

Pete's Pet Posse is a unique pet therapy program on the OSU Campus. For more information, go to (posted 6/1/15)

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Oklahoma State University Launches Nation’s Most Comprehensive, Full-time University-Wide Pet Therapy Program

Thirteen lovable, highly-trained dogs lead Oklahoma State University’s premier class of therapy dogs becoming the nation’s most comprehensive, full-time, university-wide pet therapy…

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SUNUP: 4-H Commitment to Service

SUNUP covers the joint 4-H and FFA commitment to service for Oklahoma Special Olympics during the 4-H Roundup.

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FEATURED: First Cowgirl Ann Hargis with Pete's Pet Posse on "Dog Talk"

First Cowgirl Ann Hargis and Pete's Pet Posse are featured on the program "Dog Talk" on KSBI-TV....

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IN THE NEWS: Pete's Pet Posse

News 9 visited the OSU campus to check out Pete's Pet Posse, a group of dog's on campus to help boost moral and bring happiness to those at Oklahoma State University.

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Pete's Pet Posse

A new pet therapy pilot program called “Pete’s Pet Posse” is being offered to students, faculty and staff at Oklahoma State University this fall. The OSU College of Veterinary…

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