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Succulent Cold Weather Protection

Yucca Pointe Landscape Owner, Nate Priest shows Casey the unique way he protects his tender succulents from cold weather. Airdate (10/28/2023) Questions? To find out more information about show…

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Oklahoma Gardening October 28, 2023

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #5018! Leaf Casting Host, Casey Hentges visits Ken Sprous as he begins his process of concrete leaf casting. 2023 Oklahoma Proven Tree: Trident Maple Extension…

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Heat and Sun Protection on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4907

Welcome to the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4907! Drought Tolerant - Gray Santolina Host Casey Hentges shows a beautiful drought tolerant plant perfect for the summer heat. 3:20 Mesonet:…

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Sun Exposure Tips from the OSU-Tulsa Medical Center

Stacy Chronister, internal medicine physician with OSU Medicine, shares what steps gardeners can take to protect themselves from the heat and from sun exposure this summer. Questions? To find out…

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Oklahoma Gardening August 6, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! AAS: Icicle Eggplant Host Casey Hentges shows us an All-America Selection eggplant that has a non-traditional color. Turfgrass OSU Extension Specialist,…

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Sun Protection

OSU Extension Specialist, Dennis Martin, explains the steps that gardeners should take to protect themselves from excessive sun exposure during the summer months. Questions? To find out more…

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Beagle Brigade Protects American Agriculture

We talk with Ginger Herrell-Lopez, Chief Agriculture Specialist at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and how their agency protects American agriculture by using a little help from the K-9 unit…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4821 (11/20/21)

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! King's Mums Host Casey Hentges travels to Sans Springs, OK where we talk with owner of King's Mums, Brian Kanotz, who shows us his beautiful display of…

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PPP Update (10/17/20)

Courtney Bir has information about PPP documentation. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a production of the Division of Agricultural Sciences…

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Inside Engineering Technology

Hear from the faculty, students and division head about what makes the Division of Engineering Technology at OSU unique.

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Emergency Egress Standards

This is a 50-minute educational video covering an introduction to emergency egress design standards. The video was created under award 70NANB14H245 from the National Institute of Standards and…

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FPP 4-H Demonstration

Fire Protection Publications partners with 4-H Roundup. Building 4-H Legacies

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The Road to the Annual IFSTA Conference - The Impact on IFSTA

Hear Craig Hannan and Mike Wieder tell how the IFSTA Annual Validation Conference is the heart of IFSTA training materials.

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The Road to the Annual IFSTA Conference - Networking Opportunities

The value added "extreme edition" for IFSTA Validation Conference participants is the ultimate opportunity to learn from and meet respected fire service leaders and SME's. IFSTA is a…

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The Road to the Annual IFSTA Conference - The Validation Process

IFSTA training materials have a big advantage --The subject matter experts from across North America that validate the technical content in ALL IFSTA texts. The broad experience and geographical…

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IFSTA Staff Gears Up

Four members of the Fire Protection Publications editorial and curriculum staff take on the challenges of Firefighter I Academy in Stillwater, OK. The experience gave the writers an…

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