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Love Line - 2019

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to ask personal questions in a confidential manner? How do I get my boyfriend to open up? Why does she always want to cuddle? Should I date someone who has slept…

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Eastin Center Q&A - If I'm Interested in Another Field of Work, What Should I Do?

Dr. Andrew Urich answers questions from real business students.

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Eastin Center Q&A - Can we Rise Above Our Socioeconomic Status?

Dr. Andrew Urich answers questions about career readiness from real OSU students.

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Eastin Center Q&A - When to Take Your Dream Job

Dr. Andrew Urich answers real questions from students about career preparation.

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Eastin Center Q&A - How to Get Involved When You're Shy

Dr. Andrew Urich, with the Eastin Center for Talent Development, answers questions asked by real students.

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Eastin Center Q&A - How to sell the Jack of All Trades Personality

Dr. Andrew Urich answers students' questions about career readiness.

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SUNUP: Facts about State Question 777

Have questions about #SQ777? Larry Sanders and Shannon Ferrell provide an overview of the OSU Extension Fact Sheet they co-authored about State Question 777. Here is a link to the #OkState fact sheet.

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Student Spotlight: Matt Williams

Foriegn language education major Matt Williams has long known that he wanted to become a teacher. Hear about his passion for teaching and the opportunities he has had at OSU.

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Cowboy Chef's Table: Jonathan Moosmiller

Chef Moosmiller is a Certified Master Chef and is currently the Executive Chef at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With his staff of over 30 cooks and chefs he oversees the production…

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