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Where Have All the Insects Gone? The Recent Decline of Pests in Wheat: Research on Tap

Over the past 25 years, three factors have interacted and resulted in a decline of insect pests in wheat: climate change; new strategies in wheat breeding; and the conservation of beneficial insects.…

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How Veterinary Researchers are Saving the World, Pandemics and Even Scarier Stuff: Research on Tap

In this first installment of OSU Research on Tap 2021 Dr. Jerry Malayer, senior associate dean for research in the College of Veterinary Medicine; and professor and McCasland Chair in the department…

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How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Impact National Security: Research on Tap

The stories we tell ourselves about the world around us inform how we interact with our environment. Stories reveal perspectives on how things operate, why certain problems exist, why certain rules…

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Addressing Science Education Through STEM: Research on Tap

Dr. Julie Angle, associate professor in the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences, discusses how STEM education is changing and the need for a a scientifically literate populace.

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How Dance Impacts Daily Life in Spain: Research on Tap

Dr. Mark Perry, assistant professor of ethnomusicology and historical musicology, discusses how the music and dance of Spain has impacted daily life there.

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How Sled Dogs Keep Going: Research on Tap

Physiological Sciences professor Dr. Michael Davis discusses his research into the metabolic secrets of fatigue resistance in sled dogs. Through cutting-edge biomedical research in one of the most…

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Resilience Matters: Research On Tap

Dr. Liesel Ritchie, Associate Professor in Sociology, will discuss her research on how communities cope with disasters and why resilience matters.

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Engineering the Immune System: Research on Tap

Watch as Dr. Heather Fahlenkamp, Professor of Chemical Engineering, discusses creating artificial tissue for organs and the development of artificial immune systems for medical research models. The…

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Bringing Cosmic Rays Down To Earth: A Journey Toward A New Understanding Of Soil, Water, And Life: Research on Tap

Dr. Tyson Ochsner, professor in Plant and Soil Sciences, “Bringing Cosmic Rays Down To Earth: A Journey Toward A New Understanding Of Soil, Water, and Life.”

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Saving Water in Urban Landscapes: Research on Tap

Dr. Justin Moss, Assistant Professor in Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, will discuss his research in saving water in urban landscapes.

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