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Murray Hall Civil Rights Speaker Series - Dr. Christopher P. Lehman

The Murray Hall Civil Rights Speaker Series presents a discussion of alumnus Dr. Lehman's research of slavery and segregation in the United States, his campaign to rename a university building…

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Spears Business Research - Artificial Intelligence Patent Laws

US patent laws are designed to protect the inventor of a product or concept from having their idea stolen from them. But who gets the patent for something that was invented by artificial…

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Nancy Randolph Davis - 2018 OSU Hall of Fame

Nancy Randolph Davis became the first African-American enrollee at Oklahoma State University, then Oklahoma A&M College, in 1949. She attended OSU during the summers and received her…

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Sovereignty Speaks: Jason Aamodt

Jason Aamodt talks about water rights on tribal land.

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Civil War in Character Round Table

Civil War historians portraying people of the era and bringing history to life in this unique way. (Posted 9/4/15)

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Dr. Jason F. Kirksey Gives Insight on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr. Jason F. Kirksey, OSU Associate Vice President of Institutional Diversity, gives us some insight to civil rights and the movement of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also discusses diversity…

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OSU's Dr. Jeans Van Delinder Gives Insight on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr. Jean Van Delinder is an expert in social psychology of protest. Here she gives us some insight to civil rights protests, and the movement of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (original air date 1/17/14)

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SUNUP Full Show (11/2/13)

Water Issues, Water Rights, Cattle Stress Test, Totusek Lecture Preview, Naturally Speaking, Shop Stop, Mesonet Weather, Cow-Calf Corner and Market Monitor

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SUNUP: Oklahoma Water Rights

OkState Extension Legal Specialist Shannon Ferrell explains water classifications, permits and landowner rights.

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OStateReport: President Hargis Looks Back At His First Five Years, An Interview With One Journalist Who Paved The Way For Women In The Workforce, A Look At Greek Discovery Day

In This OStateReport, we visit Greek Discovery Day, sit down for an one-on-one with President Hargis, speak to a leader in the Women's Rights Movement and check in on the progress toward getting…

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Nancy Randolph Davis: Overcoming Separate but Equal

O-STATE Stories, a project of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at the OSU Library chronicles the rich history, heritage and traditions of Oklahoma State University. In the summer of 1949,…

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Spotlight: Black History Month

Every year, February is celebrated as Black History month. The OSU Library's Oral Histories and Special Collections contain a variety of intriguing collections. Here is an excerpt of an…

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