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Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Jessica Riggin heats things up in the kitchen with her stuffed poblano pepper recipe. You can find this recipe on our facebook: Airdate (05/14/22)…

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Planting a Scoville Pepper Garden

Host Casey Hentges plants a spicy pepper garden to determine the Scoville rating on a variety of peppers. Chili peppers belong to the genus Capsicum and contain the active component capsaicin which…

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Oklahoma Gardening- May 14, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Harlequin Insect Host Casey Hentges evaluates a pesky harlequin beetle that is damaging the brassica plants in the garden. DIY Hose Holder Oklahoma…

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Cooking with Barb: Spicy Rice and Eggs

Food Nutritionist, Barbara Brown, cooks Spicy Rice and Baked Eggs for us. You can find this recipe and more on our website: Airdate (07/04/20) #4701…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4701 (07/04/20)

Welcome to a new season of Oklahoma Gardening! Segment 1 (1:20) In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges is stoked about a beautiful North American wildflower, Stokes' Aster,…

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A Spicy Salsa Garden in a Container

In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening, we plant a spicy salsa garden in a container. We manage to get a tomato plant, a pepper plant, some cilantro, and onion chives all in one container! …

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OSU Extension Recipe: Spicy Honeydew Soup

Barbara Brown, Extension Food Specialist, prepares a spicy honeydew melon soup.

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