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Ballooning Spiders

Insect Adventure Director, Andrine Shufran, educates us on how some young spiders move through the air to find a new home. Airdate (11-04-23) Questions? To find out more information about show…

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Oklahoma Gardening November 4, 2023

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #5019! Leaf Casting: Part 2 Host, Casey Hentges joins Ken Sprous, as he finishes his leaf casting project. Mushroom Growing Kit Casey demonstrates a fun way to…

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Looking at Awesome Spiders for Halloween

We prepare for Halloween by taking a closer look at some interesting spiders with Director of Insect Adventure and Extension Specialist, Andrine Shufran. Airdate (10/30/21) #4818 Questions? …

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Catch Bugs in Your Garden with these Traps!

We visit Extension Specialist, Andrine Shufran, in the special bug garden at the OSU Insect Adventure and take a look at the various bug traps you can place in your garden to see some interesting…

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SUNUP: Spiders: Good and Bad

Andrine Shufran says there are more to black widow and brown recluse spiders than you may think.

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IN THE NEWS: Explaining the "Flying Spiders"

Some call them the "flying spiders", and you may have noticed those pesky strands of webbing floating around. Brian Jervis from OSU Extension Service explains the phenomenon to KOTV News…

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