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EXCELSIOR: Inside OSU with Burns Hargis

EXCELSIOR is Oklahoma State University's newest research laboratory. Designed for students studying unmanned systems, this lab teams to used unmanned systems for research related to the…

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Bio-inspired unmanned vehicle research

This episode of Straight Talk About Research features Dr. Arvind Santhanakrishnan from the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Recording Data To Support FAA And Pilots

Oklahoma State University's Unmanned Systems Research Institute is utilizing drones to record data for the FAA to help pilots by making navigational aid calibrations more efficient. Here's…

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Unmanned Aerial Systems Help Predict Severe Weather

The CLOUD-MAP project is studying the use of unmanned aerial systems to measure weather and atmospheric data to improve storm warnings and save lives and property.

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Jamey Jacob

Dr. Jacob, professor and Ray & Linda Baker Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, leads research into a number of areas including aerodynamics and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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3 Minute Thesis: Taylor Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell presents his research thesis in the 2015 3 Minute Thesis competition.

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OSU Weather Unmanned Aircraft Test Flight

Oklahoma State University researchers are designing and building sleek, Kevlar-reinforced unmanned aircraft - or drones - to fly directly into the nation's worst storms and send back real-time…

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