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Skateboarding Tortoise

Meet Radar, a tortoise with a skateboard! 🐢🛹 Radar has trouble moving his back legs so doctors at OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital came up with a creative solution to help his mobility. Radar’s…

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BHV-1 from understanding little bytes to megabytes and the impact of Jean d’Offay

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Turning Milo Right Side Down

Milo's front paws turned upward instead of down. OSU veterinary specialists operated to try to correct the puppy's congenital deformity.

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences Performing Cataract Surgery on Horses

Cataract surgery is pretty common for humans, but there's only one place in Oklahoma performing the surgery for horses. Ophthalmologists at Oklahoma State University's Center for Veterinary…

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CVHS Classroom Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Veterinary Center is making progress to ensure veterinarians are available to protect our food supply and treat our beloved pets and livestock as they break ground for a new classroom building.…

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OSU in the News: New Cancer Technology for Pets

OSU in the News: the OSU School of Veterinary Medicine is using new ultrasound technology to reimagine the way cancer is treated in dogs. Originally aired on KOTV.

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Interdisciplinary Toxicology Symposium Presents Dr. Marion Ehrich

Join us as Dr. Marion Ehrich, professor at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, speaks during the annual Interdisciplinary Toxicology Symposium at McElroy Hall... (Broadcasted…

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The OSU Libraries: William E. Brock Memorial Library

Located in McElroy Hall, The William E. Brock Memorial Library, also referred to as the Veterinary Medicine Library, is a subject-focused branch of the OSU Libraries and serves the Center for…

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A One Health Perspective on Antimicrobial Resistance

Dr. Laura Kahn talks about the vital connection between human, animal and environmental health sponsored by the Class of 1963 Distinguished Lectureship. Her research focuses on antimicrobial…

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Yoda: with you the force is

Yoda is a 15 month old sheep with a heart defect. For the first time, Oklahoma State veterinarians perform a procedure on a sheep to fix Yoda's problem.

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Is It Too Hot to Trot?

When is it too hot to ride horses? Find out what the experts say about over heating your horse.

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Is There a Researcher in You?

The environment is the same, yet some animals get sick and some don't. Veterinary student Alexis Sirois is trying to find out why.

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The Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences and KFOR-TV are working together to treat animals severely injured by natural disasters...

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Mike Davis

Dr. Davis, professor and Oxley Endowed Chair in Equine Sports Medicine, conducts research to understand animal exercise physiology and pathophysiology.

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Student Spotlight: The Standing Experience

A veterinary student with a spinal cord injury receives a Half-Power SuperStand chair to help her stand to perform certain tasks while earning her DVM degree.

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ARCHIVES: Early History of the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Friend was a pioneer in helping establish and build Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Course work for the college was initiated in March, 1948, and…

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