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2024 Transition Ceremony

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The Integrated Beef Cattle Program & Rural Veterinarians (9/12/20)

Dr. Rosslyn Biggs tells us about the Integrated Beef Cattle Program and how it is geared toward helping rural veterinarians. For more information visit…

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Vet Med Faces of Research: Dr. Joao Brandao

Dr. Joao Brandao talks about his zoological medicine research studying everything from elephants to zebra finches. Brandao is an associate professor at OSU's Veterinary Medical Hospital.

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Maintaining Body Condition in First Calf Heifers (8/1/20)

Rosslyn Biggs explains why now is the time to start evaluating the body condition of heifers for the fall calving season. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…

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Treating Pregnancy Toxemia in Sheep

Pregnancy toxemia is one of the top three major diseases of sheep and goats treated at OSU's Veterinary Medical Hospital. It is a treatable and preventable disease.

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OSU Fall Veterinary Conference Keynote

As the Class of 1963 Distinguished Lecturer, Lawrence Schook, Ph.D., will present the keynote address at Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Annual Fall Veterinary…

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Skateboarding Tortoise

Meet Radar, a tortoise with a skateboard! 🐢🛹 Radar has trouble moving his back legs so doctors at OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital came up with a creative solution to help his mobility. Radar’s…

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