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General Turfgrass Maintenance during the Winter Months

Be sure to mow your warm season bermudagrass during the winter months to remove the dead vegetation to prepare for the spring growth. Airdate (04/09/22) #4841Questions? To find out more information…

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Succession Planting Cool Season Crops

Casey is in the garden succession planting some cool season crops in our raised bed. This way we can always have produce growing as we prep the rest of the garden for the upcoming spring. Airdate…

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Oklahoma Gardening #4834 (02/19/22)

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Houseplant Soil Toppers Host Casey Hentges shows us the benefit of adding decorations to our houseplants. Not only can soil toppers help prevent splash-back, but…

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Warm Season Plants in Cover Crop Beds

Host Casey Hentges is getting an early planting of some tomatoes and peppers out in the cover crop beds and getting them prepared for the warmer weather ahead. Airdate (04-10-21) #4741 Questions?…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4741 (04/10/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:09 Warm Season Crops in Cover Crops Host Casey Hentges is planting some tomatoes and peppers out in the cover crop beds and getting them prepared for the…

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Living Mulch in High Tunnels

OSU Vegetable and Food Crop Specialist, Lynn Brandenberger, shows how he is using a 'crimper' on his living mulch in his high tunnel raised beds to reduce the amount of weeding, heat…

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Assessing of Frost Damage in Vegetable Transplants

OSU Extension Plant Disease Diagnostician, Jennifer Olson, takes a look at some frost damage on vegetable plants. Airdate (04/25/20) #4643 Questions? To find out more information about show…

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Don't Fuss with Asparagus

Today on Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges plants some 'Mary Washington' variety asparagus crowns in her garden. Did you know that asparagus' are dioecious! Learn more with this…

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DIY Bamboo Cage for Trellising Tomatoes

Host Casey Hentges is prepping her vegetable garden for her warm season tomatoes by building a bamboo trellis cage. It's simple to do and easy to store after the growing season is over. …

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Warm Water Therapy

Each semester, students in the College of Education's Therapeutic Recreation program provide warm water therapy to preschool children and adolescents with disabilities.

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