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Spring Garden Prep on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening March 4, 2023

Welcome to the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4936! Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance John Long, Extension Ag Engineer at OSU, gives us a rundown on how to inspect your push mowers to get them up and…

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Pollinator Habitats at the Tallgrass Prairie

Stephanie Jordan, Pollinator Outreach Coordinator with The Nature Conservancy, discusses how native milkweed helps monarch butterflies reproduce and the different plants you can use to make your own…

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Oklahoma Gardening Regional Tour Episode #2 September 10, 2022

Welcome back to the Oklahoma Gardening: NE OK Regional Tour! The History of Greenleaf Nursery We make our way over to Greenleaf Nursery in Park Hill, OK, where Mark Andrews, Brand &…

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Tertill® Weed Eating Robot

Justin Moss shows us how he uses a small weed eating robot in our raised beds. Airdate (04/23/22) #4843 Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes, articles,…

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Oklahoma Gardening April 23, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Harvesting Asparagus Host Casey Hentges is in the garden determining which asparagus is ready to harvest. Weather Report Wes Lee is reporting on how the dry…

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Flowering Weeds for Pollinators

Justin Moss helps us differentiate the weeds we see growing in our turfgrass this time in the spring. Airdate (04/16/22) #4842 Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well…

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Oklahoma Gardening April 16, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Potager Garden at TBG Host Casey Hentges is planting thyme in between our pavers and establishing a potager garden in the new Backyard demonstration garden. …

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OKG: Patch Burn and Livestock Grazing Research

Laura Goodman, OSU Extension Specialist for Rangeland Ecology, tells us about her research of combining controlled pasture fire with goat grazing to maximize the effects of suppressing invasive plant…

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Using Pre-Emergent on Cool Season Turfgrass

Charles Fontanier, Assistant Professor of Turfgrass at OSU, is at the Turfgrass Research Center at The Botanic Garden at OSU to tell us more information about the use of pre-emergent herbicide for…

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Terminating Cover Crops to Prepare for the Garden

Cover Crop Termination Host Casey Hentges shows us 6 different types of cover crops that are growing out at The Botanic Garden at OSU and some different ways to go about terminating them to get it…

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Weed Control With A Cover Crop (Jan. 30, 2021)

Josh Lofton tells us how a cover crop of canola and wheat is a possible way to help reduce weeds in fields. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is…

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Ornamental Grass Series: Perennials

We continue our ornamental grass series by looking at perennial grasses. Casey gives us a whole bunch of perennials to choose from but watch out! Some of these grasses could be considered invasive in…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4704 (07/25/20)

Segment 1 (1:15) In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges has a showy shrub called the Vitex 'Blue Puffball' Chaste Tree. Don't let the name fool you, it is a shrub! …

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Grace Ogden: video contest winner - the rest of the story

Grace Ogden won the Vice President for Research 2016 Coolest Research on Campus video contest in the undergraduate category. In her plant and soil sciences research she studies weeds and wheat.…

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SUNUP: Naturally Speaking: Pond Weed Management

Marley Beem explains why landowners should think about having some weeds in their ponds.

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SUNUP: Full Show June 14, 2014

This week's segments include: Summer Planting, Weed Growth, Totusek Memorial, Mesonet Weather, Market Monitor, Cow-Calf Corner, Naturally Speaking, Livestock Marketing and Shop Stop

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