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Weed Science: The Coolest Research on Campus

Weed Science is the coolest research on campus. From changing the way herbicides are applied to crops to investigating the ecology of weeds within an environment, weed science impacts every person in…

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The Coolest Research at OSU is: Oklahoma Black Bears!

This is a video highlighting my master's research investigating the population status of a recolonized population of black bears in southeast Oklahoma.

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The Coolest Research at OSU is... 2 x 10 Data Collection

We believe that our research is the coolest because we are impacting the lives and educations of future doctors, teachers, engineers and researchers, in only twenty minutes. Check out our video to…

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USER GENERATED: The Coolest Research at OSU is : Experimental Particle Physics Research by Wasikul Islam

Wasikul Islam, a Graduate student of Physics explains his research of Experimental Particle Physics with the ATLAS collaboration of European Organization of Nuclear Research (CERN), which he believes…

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USER GENERATED: The Coolest Research at OSU is... The Good Behavior Game!

This video entry is for the coolest research at OSU

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USER GENERATED: The coolest research currently at OSU is Fire Ecology

Fire on the landscape is a land management process that affects every aspect of the environment. It is equally as important as precipitation, sunlight, and soil. Currently at OSU, there are many…

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