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OSU Students Perform The Works of William Shakespeare Abridged

OSU will be represented in Town & Gown theater production of The Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. Amy Jenson has more...

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Traveling the World During Spring Break

OStateTV reporter Amy Jenson me with an OSU student who is traveling Europe during spring break.

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Getting Ready for the Big Career Fair

Amy Jenson gives you some tips to help you prepare for the big career fair....

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Ambassador John Limbert Recalls Iranian Hostage Ordeal

U.S. Ambassador John Limbert was held for 444 days within the US embassy in Tehran. Amy Jenson visited with Ambassador Limbert on his recent visit to OSU....

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TEXx Profile: Cori Duke

Amy Jenson introduces us to Cori Duke, who performed during the 2013 TEDxOStateU....

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