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#IAmBuilding Student - Braxton Noble

The #IAmBuilding Project has followed 5 business students throughout their college careers to document their experience during at Spears Business and their growth as students alongside the…

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#IAmBuilding Junior Year - Braxton Noble

Check in with #IAmBuilding student Braxton Noble and learn about his first semester of junior year at OSU!

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Spears Business Building Construction Update - September 2017

Dean Eastman and Jay Cheves walk us through the new business building and fill us in on the latest developments.

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Braxton and Scout #IAmBuilding

The #IAmBuilding project follows 6 business students throughout their educational careers at Spears Business. Meet Scout, Braxton's new Goldendoodle.

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Sophomore Year - Braxton #IAmBuilding

The second year of the #IAmBuilding project has come to a close. Learn about the major developments in Braxton's life in the past year.

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The First Year of the #IAmBuilding Project

Have you seen the #IAmBuilding hashtag around and wondered what it is? This video is a brief reminder of the purpose of the project that the Spears School of Business began in the fall of 2015.

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My First Semester #IAmBuilding

The 6 business students in the 'I Am Building' project talk about what their first semester of college was like.

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Experiencing Freshman Follies #IAmBuilding

Braxton Noble, a freshman finance student, talks about participating in the greek show, Freshman Follies.

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Pete's Corner: Theta Pond

Reporter Nate Belt explores Theta Pond (original air date 10/6/15)

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Meet Braxton #IAmBuilding

Meet Braxton Noble, a freshman business student participating in the 'I Am Building; The Spears Experience' project. Through this project, The Spears School will follow select business…

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