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The Doughnut Run

It's a tasty twist on a sport that's becoming increasingly popular on campus. Chelsea Judge has more on the OSU Triathlon club's "Doughnut Run"...

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RESEARCH WEEK: Vicarious Persuasion

One OSU researcher is investigating persuasive behavior

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OSU First: Executive PHD

Business executives from all over the nation come to OSU Tulsa once a month to return to the classroom. Chelsea Judge introduces us to the Executive PHD program at the Spears School of Business.

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Molding Trees into Plastics

The Eastern Red Cedar tree is known for being combustable during wildfires. Two OSU Professors are developing a method to make a composite product out of that tree for use in making plastics for…

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The Urbino Experience

OSU Journalism student Chelsea Judge shares about her trip to Urbino, Italy.

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Global Express: How disease can rapidly spread through our interconnected world

Chelsea Judge takes us to the Annual Conference of Veterinary Programs at OSU Stillwater. Among the topics: how quickly disease can spread through our interconnected world.

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Interview with Commander John Gearhart

OSU graduate, Commander John Gearhart, discusses his time in the Navy as commander of a nuclear attack submarine.

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