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2021 Distinguished Alumni: Dr. Michael Galyean

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Galyean for being named a 2021 Oklahoma State Ferguson College of Agriculture Distinguished Alumnus! Dr. Galyean received his master’s and doctoral degree in…

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Dr. Fabio Pinaffi on INTERACT

Dr. Fabio Pinaffi talks about his animal reproduction research and how INTERACT can connect him to other researchers to improve animal and human health.

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Vet Scripts (12/19/20)

In Vet Scripts, Dr. Barry Whitworth explains why this is a good time to talk about prevention and control of anaplasmosis.

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One Health with Stephen Ettinger, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM and Cardio)

Dr. Stephen Ettinger, world renown veterinarian and cardiologist, presents the 2018 Class of 1963 Distinguished Lecture at the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences'…

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SUNUP: Cow-Calf Corner

Glenn Selk explores the correlation between body condition scores and rebreeding of heifers.

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Naturally Speaking: Wildlife Aflatoxin

Dwayne Elmore explains how to prevent aflatoxin in wildlife.

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OSU Shelter Medicine Symposium, Dr. Kara Wolf, Preventive Medicine Products

Kara Wolf, DVM is the Red River District Professional Services Veterinarian for Novartis Animal Health, Inc. Dr. Wolf joined Novartis in June 2013 bringing her unique clinical experience with the…

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Dr Starkey NCVP Bayer Resident

Dr. Lindsay Starkey talks about being the National Center for Veterinary Parasitology's Bayer Resident

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Oklahoma Quality Beef Network Adds Program

Gant Mourer previews a new program from the Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN).

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Global Express: How disease can rapidly spread through our interconnected world

Chelsea Judge takes us to the Annual Conference of Veterinary Programs at OSU Stillwater. Among the topics: how quickly disease can spread through our interconnected world.

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Writing Out Loud: Bernard Rollin

Teresa Miller talks with Bernard Rollin about animal ethics

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