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Group Fitness at OSU

Check out all of the awesome group fitness classes offered by the Department of Wellness at OSU!

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Cowboy Basketball Players #stepout of their Comfort Zones

The Department of Wellness offers a huge variety of wellness activities to students, faculty, staff and the community. Follow in the steps of the Cowboy Basketball team and try new fitness classes or…

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What is a hybrid class? -- Aerospace Administration and Operations at OSU-Tulsa

Dr. Mallory Casebolt describes hybrid classes at OSU-Tulsa and how this blended format of in-person and online instruction makes it easy for working aviation professionals to earn their…

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Spears Business Core Curriculum Improvements

Dean Ken Eastman provides the background on why core curriculum changes will better prepare OSU business students to enter the job market.

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5 Things an OSU-Tulsa Academic Counselor Can Do For You

Sure, OSU-Tulsa academic counselors can help you choose your classes, but did you know they can help you with all of these things?

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Group Fitness Promo

Group Fitness offers over 100 different classes every semester at the Colvin Recreation Center, Seretean Wellness Center, and the Student Union. These courses offer a unique opportunity to develop…

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#IAmBuilding Favorite Professors and Classes

Students from the #IAmBuilding project share their favorite classes or professors so far.

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#IAmBuilding Hardest Classes

Students from the #IAmBuilding project talk about the hardest classes they've had so far at OSU.

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Dance Party!

Listen to the Top Hits and learn choreography that will get your heart rate jumping and your body moving. This class targets giving you a total body workout while dancing to the beats of the music!…

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Master of Business Administration at OSU-Tulsa

Dr. Raj Basu talks about who should earn an MBA, what an MBA can do for your career and compares options for attending graduate school for busy working adults in the Tulsa area.

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How Seth overcame his excuses and earned his bachelor's degree

Seth wanted to earn his bachelor’s degree, but juggling two jobs and financial concerns prevented him from pursuing his dreams. He shares how he overcame those obstacles and found success at…

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Classes at the Colvin 2016

Examples of just a few of the classes offered at the Colvin and through the Department of Wellness.

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IN THE NEWS: OSU IT Offering New Culinary Classes This Summer

OSU IT in Okmulgee is offering three special culinary classes this summer. The classes are on July 21st, July 28th and August 3rd. Call (918) 293-5030 for more information. Here's more from…

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SUNUP: 4-H Inspires Freshman to Attend OSU

We introduce viewers to OSU freshman Mattie Canaday, an Oklahoma 4-H Foundation scholarship recipient from Canadian County, who chose to become a Cowboy after attending 4-H Roundup.

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