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Spears Business Alumni Spotlight - Scott Burk

Scott Burk, former NFL player, MLB player and Spears Business graduate shares the story of his life and career.

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Spears Business Faculty Spotlight - Tom Johansen

Learn about the life and career of clinical associate professor of finance, Tom Johansen.

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ARCHIVES: Walt Garrison and OSU Football in the 1960s

Walt Garrison grew up in Lewisville, Texas. In high school, while working for the American Nut Company, Walt made a strong impression on the company owner, who helped arrange a scholarship…

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ARCHIVES: Orlando Hazley, First African-American Letterman at OSU

Orlando Hazley was an outstanding student athlete and the first African-American letterman at Oklahoma State University in the late 1950s. He was a world class sprinter and is a member of the OSU…

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All the Wheaties

OSU Historian David Peters recounts how former OAMC coach Lynn "Pappy" Waldorf was named college football's first national coach of the year. Check out Peters' article,…

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LASSO: Leading OSU Cowboys and Cowgirls To Success

The LASSO Center provides students with help with short-term tutoring to help them through a difficult class, and with long-term success coaches, to help students master all of their classes.

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Spears School Classics: Coach Pat Jones presents the "Business Fashion Awards"

Circa 1990, a younger associate professor Andy Urich and former OSU Head Football Coach Pat Jones present the “Business Fashion Awards.”

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Jerry Stritzke - 2013 OSU Alumni Hall of Fame

Jerry Stritzke was raised on a farm in Stillwater, and graduated from OSU with a bachelors in agricultural economics. Since then, he's gone on to top roles in household names such as "The…

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Jerry D. Stritzke - 2013 OSU Alumni Hall of Fame

Jerry D. Stritzke of New York, N.Y., graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1982 with a degree in agricultural economics. Stritzke grew up in Stillwater, Okla., and is currently the president…

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College of Education Hall of Fame Member: Coach John Smith

John Smith, the most decorated American wrestler in history and a highly-successful coach, earned a degree in physical education from Oklahoma State University in 1988 and was inducted in the College…

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Coach Ken Carter Interview: Inside OSU

Oklahoma State (OSU) President Burns Hargis visits with Richmond High basketball coach Ken Carter, who's story inspired the movie Coach Carter.

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