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Succulent Cold Weather Protection

Yucca Pointe Landscape Owner, Nate Priest shows Casey the unique way he protects his tender succulents from cold weather. Airdate (10/28/2023) Questions? To find out more information about show…

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Oklahoma Gardening October 28, 2023

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #5018! Leaf Casting Host, Casey Hentges visits Ken Sprous as he begins his process of concrete leaf casting. 2023 Oklahoma Proven Tree: Trident Maple Extension…

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Cow-Calf Corner - Jan. 8, 2022

Mark Johnson, OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist, provides management tips for calving during the winter and ways to successfully give colostrum to newborn calves. For Extension fact…


SUNUP: Cow-calf Corner (1/14/17)

Glenn Selk discusses three of the best ways to warm newborn calves in extreme cold weather.

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