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Cracking the code: OSU computer science alumna jumpstarted her career with an Arts & Sciences degree

Victoria Edmonds (née Som de Cerff) didn’t anticipate getting a degree in computer science when she first arrived at Oklahoma State University, but it didn’t take long for her to…

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CAS Major Profile: Computer Science

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 100 majors and countless ways for you to connect, achieve and succeed. To find out more, visit

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3 Minute Thesis: Akhileshwar Guli

Akhileshwar Guli presents his research thesis in the 2015 3 Minute Thesis competition.

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Computer Science Faculty candidate - Tao

Computer Science Faculty candidate - Tao

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Computer Science Faculty candidate - Etemadpour

Computer Science Faculty candidate - Etemadpour

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Robotics Intelligence and its basis by Dr. Christopher Crick

Computer Science's Dr. Crick provides a talk on Robotic research at the department.

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OSU Computer Science robot spells out OSU (Okstate) to the OSU Al Mater music

Computer Science's Dr. Crick creates a robot that signs the letters O-S-U while OSU alma mater plays "O-S-U" at the end of the song.

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