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Semola Wins the People's Choice Award in Vet Med 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Yemi Semola won the People's Choice Award in the College of Veterinary Medicine's 3 Minute Thesis Competition. Her research focuses on growing blood vessels to help combat diabetes.

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2016 OSU 3MC Presentation

Is Diabetes Breaking the Heart?

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2016 OSU 3MTâ Finals Presentation: Zahra Maria

Is Diabetes Breaking the Heart?

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Maria Wins 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Zahra Maria is working on her PhD in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Listen to her 3 minute description of her research, "Is Diabetes Breaking the Heart?"

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Faculty Experts: Dr. Edralin Lucas

Dr. Lucas’ research focuses on the role of nutrition, particularly phytochemicals, in promoting cardiovascular health and preventing/reducing chronic disease. She uses cell cultures and animal…

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The Psych Approach: OSU professor studies kids, chronic illnesses

Larry L. Mullins is professor and head of the OSU Department of Psychology. His primary area of research interest is how youth and families cope and adapt to a wide range of childhood chronic health…

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Eagle Adventure 2012 Dr. Rodney L. Huey Memorial Champion of Health Award

The Eagle Adventure, a collaboration between the Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services Get Fresh! program and Oklahoma State University’s Department of Nutritional Sciences in the College of…

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