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Virtual Town Hall: Getting Started on Campus

Focused on everything you need to know to prepare for move-in and living on campus, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Doug Hallenbeck visited with Dr. Leon McClinton, Director of Housing and…

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Late Night Cafe 2021

Come be a part of the action and join us for one of the longest running traditions of OSU, Late Night Cafe. Get as many pancakes as you want and enjoy the company of your newest classmates at North…

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University Dining Services - New Student Orientation 2020

University Dining Services has so much to offer you when you dine on campus. Watch this video to see all we have to offer you!

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Healthy Union Lunch 2019: Somalian Chicken Soup

Learn how to prepare a delicious meal for yourself and friends! This month's entry is Somalian Chicken Soup, prepared by Chef Yates.

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North Dining: A Place for Students

Come to North Dining to explore the numerous options on the north side of campus.

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Comfort Food at North Dining

Feeling homesick? Come to North Dining for a home-cooked meal, either at Carvery or Noodle U!

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Study Spaces in North Dining

Did you know that North Dining has plenty of study spaces available? Try out every nook and cranny at North Dining if you need a quiet place.

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North Dining Breakfast Options

North Dining has plenty of options before you go to your first class of the day. Try B&B Co. or Dine and Dash to get your start to the morning!

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The Natural

Do you have any of the major food allergies that affect many? The Natural offers options for anyone with allergies, or those who are vegan. Enjoy some of what North Dining has to offer!

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Satellite Dining Options on Campus

There's not just food options in the Student Union and North Dining! Try one of the options available across campus on the way to classes.

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LEGO Movie Night

Build something wonderful with LEGO and win two OSU LEGO sets!

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Ice Cream @ Union Express

Enjoy a variety of ice cream at Union Express inside the Student Union!

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Cafe Libro Now Offers Pizza

Did you know you can pick up personal size pizzas at Cafe Libro in the Library now? Drop on by Edmon Low!

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Late Night Cafe - Welcome Week Edition

This year we kicked off Welcome Week with our Final's Week tradition - Late Night Cafe! Unlimited pancakes at North Dining was a massive hit! See what you missed out on.

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New Student Orientation: Inside University Dining Services

What is University Dining Services? Learn all about UDS in this quick video.

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International Students Have a Great Selection in Dining at Oklahoma State University

International students at OSU have tons of healthy and filling choices when it comes to dining on campus.

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