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New Frontiers Landscape

Host, Casey Hentges visits University Landscape Design Manager, Nick Ouellette to get a sneak peek of the landscaping that will be installed around the New Frontiers Agricultural Hall at OSU.…

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Welcome to the #okstatelibrary

There's so much to discover at the OSU Libraries. Visit us online at Oklahoma Oral History Research Program: The Archives:…

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Planes, Drones and Simulators

Tech Tuesday @ 2 is an on-going series designed to highlight the technology and resources we have at the Oklahoma State University Libraries. Shannon Austin gives an overview of the flight and…

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Unmanned Aerial Systems Help Predict Severe Weather

The CLOUD-MAP project is studying the use of unmanned aerial systems to measure weather and atmospheric data to improve storm warnings and save lives and property.

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IN THE NEWS: OSBI Agents to use Drones to Map Crime Scenes

OSU has one of the most advanced unmanned aircraft programs in the country, and students are showing investigators that the sky really is the limit for drone applications. OSBI partnered with OSU…

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Using UAV's In Crisis Situations

The OStateReport's Tyler Seggerman shows us how the City of Stillwater and the OSU Unmanned Systems Research Institute are using UAVs during emergency situations...

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IN THE NEWS: BBC Features Oklahoma State University UAV/Tornado Research

Oklahoma State University research utilizing UAVs to study tornado development is featured in this report from the BBC....

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Scientists Using UAV Technology for Tornado Research

As featured on the FOX News Channel....Oklahoma State University researchers are utilizing UAVs for tornado detection.

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Designing Drones To Aid In Tornado Prediction

Aired July 12, 2013: You've heard of planes flying into hurricanes, but now researchers at OSU are designing drones to fly into tornadoes.

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OSU Weather Unmanned Aircraft Test Flight

Oklahoma State University researchers are designing and building sleek, Kevlar-reinforced unmanned aircraft - or drones - to fly directly into the nation's worst storms and send back real-time…

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