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EXCELSIOR: Inside OSU with Burns Hargis

EXCELSIOR is Oklahoma State University's newest research laboratory. Designed for students studying unmanned systems, this lab teams to used unmanned systems for research related to the…

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Science Cafe presents Into the Storm: Developing Drones for Severe Weather

For a list of previous and future Science Cafe programs, visit

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A New Home for Drones

Get a tour of the Unmanned Systems Research Institute’s new lab. Excelsior provides more space and mobility for projects so OSU can continue to serve as a national leader in the aerospace…

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The Future of Drones: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Research on Tap

Dr. Jamey Jacob, Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace, will discuss the Unmanned Systems Research Institute at OSU.

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Using Drones to Help Improve Tornado Predictions

Researchers at Oklahoma State University are using drones to try to help improve tornado forecasting. Here's the story from The Weather Channel....

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Using UAVs to Enhance Tornado Prediction

Oklahoma State University is partnering with other universities to fly UAVs into supercell thunderstorms in an effort to increase tornado warning lead time. Here's the story from CBS News...

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Using UAV's In Crisis Situations

The OStateReport's Tyler Seggerman shows us how the City of Stillwater and the OSU Unmanned Systems Research Institute are using UAVs during emergency situations...

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Faculty Conversations: Dr. Jamey Jacob

Dr. Jacob, professor and Ray & Linda Baker Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, leads research into a number of areas including aerodynamics and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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OSU Researchers Using UAVs to Improve Tornado Forecasting

OSU researchers are utilizing UAVs to help improve tornado forecasts. Here's the story from the OStateReport's Madison Reichert (posted 3/19/16)

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Developing UAVs To Help Forecast Severe Weather

Researchers are Oklahoma State University are developing UAVs to study the environment around severe thunderstorms to aid in better storm prediction. Here's the story from PBS Newshour (posted…

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Celebrating Research & Scholarship at OSU

Oklahoma State is a comprehensive research university that encompasses disciplines across an amazing breadth of areas. The video, shown at Research Week 2016, recognizes a sampling of the faculty…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU UAV Research Featured on CBS Evening News

UAV Research being performed at Oklahoma State University was featured on the CBS Evening News....

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IN THE NEWS: UAV/Tornado Research Continues on OSU Campus

FOX Reporter Casey Stegall visited the Stillwater campus to showcase how UAV's developed at OSU will be used for researching thunderstorms and tornadoes...

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IN THE NEWS: BBC Features Oklahoma State University UAV/Tornado Research

Oklahoma State University research utilizing UAVs to study tornado development is featured in this report from the BBC....

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Scientists Using UAV Technology for Tornado Research

As featured on the FOX News Channel....Oklahoma State University researchers are utilizing UAVs for tornado detection.

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IN THE NEWS: OSU UAV Degree Featured on CSPAN

Professor Jamey Jacob discusses OSU's UAV engineering program on CSPAN....

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