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SUNUP: 2021 Rural Economic Outlook Conference

We spend a few minutes at OSU’s Rural Economic Outlook Conference talking with Rob Fox, director of CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division. (10/16/21) For Extension fact sheets & more…

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SUNUP: State of international cattle trade

We continue our conversations at OSU’s Rural Economic Outlook Conference with Kent Bacus, senior director of international trade and market access for the National Cattlemen’s Beef…

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Overview of the Rural Economy

Sarah Lowe discussed the outlook on therural economy, rural economic development, and policy implications

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State of the Oklahoma Rural Economy

Discussion of Oklahoma's economy over the last ten years, the current state of the Oklahoma economy, and the outlook for Oklahoma's economy going forward.

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FAPC 2017 Activity Highlights

The Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center reflects on another successful year with our 2017 activity highlights, impacting the Oklahoma food industry.

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SUNUP: Rural Economic Conference

We get perspective from speakers at the recent Rural Economic Outlook Conference held on campus.

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SUNUP Full Show (10/12/13)

This show includes the following segments: Rural Economic Outlook Conference, Impact of Shutdown, Water Quality Update, Cow-Calf Corner, Market Monitor, Livestock Marketing, and Mesonet Weather.

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No Question OKC-West Livestock Auction Would Reopen After May 31st Tornado

We visit OKC-West in El Reno, Okla., to talk about the livestock auction's post-tornado reconstruction and plans to reopen.

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November 9: Rural Economic Forum

Damona Doye invites viewers to the 2012 Rural Economic Outlook Conference on November 9.

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