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IN THE NEWS: OSU Expert Sheds Light into Mind of a Terrorist After Deadly Manchester Bombing

Dr. Ron Thrasher, an expert from Oklahoma State University, is shedding light into the minds of terrorists after a deadly attack in Manchester, United Kingdom, left more than 20 people dead Monday.…

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IN THE NEWS: When Can We Expect to See Summertime Bugs?

This winter's extreme cold have kept the bugs that bother us all summer long away but that doesn't mean they're gone for good. Fox 23's Martina Del Bonta dug up when we can expect…

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IN THE NEWS: Bear Sightings on the Rise in Cherokee County

Bear sightings are on the rise in Cherokee County and the Oklahoma Wildlife Department is partnering with OSU to track the growing trends of bears in northeastern Oklahoma. Fox 23's Farron…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Develops UAV to Study Supercell Thunderstorms This Spring

OSU Researchers unveiled an UAV named "Maria" to fly into supercell thunderstorms this spring. Here's the story from FOX 23 in Tulsa...

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Designing Drones To Aid In Tornado Prediction

Aired July 12, 2013: You've heard of planes flying into hurricanes, but now researchers at OSU are designing drones to fly into tornadoes.

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