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Flat, Cool & Acid-Free: Collection 001

This one is for the typographers, the printers, the artist and the constantly curious. Kicking off the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Edmon Low Library, let's explore the first…

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The Money Confusion: How Illiteracy About Currencies and Inflation Sets the Stage for the Crypto Revolution

All great commercial advances begin with surges of investment that the simple in thought naïvely deride as 'bubbles', followed by a 'bust' that separates the valuable…

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Wealth and Poverty: How capitalism is a system that begins not with taking, but with giving to others 30

In his book, Wealth and Poverty, George Gilder explains the moral foundations of capitalism, how "capitalism is a system that begins not with taking, but with giving to others." He will…

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Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy 10

Featuring George Gilder. This is a presentation of the OSU Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise. Live from the Student Union Little Theater.

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Flat, Cool & Acid-Free: Changing Housing Rules on Campus

What were the rules you followed when you lived in the residence halls on campus? Follow along with Libby as she discovers why residence hall rules have changed over the decades. A history of strict…

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Flat, Cool & Acid-Free: Protests at OSU

Join Digital Storytelling Intern Libby Whitlow as she follows some of OSU's biggest organized movements and smaller acts of dissent to see potential threads between protests throughout the…

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One Search at a Time: How Google Uses Ephemeral Experiences to Control Thinking & Behavior

Featured speaker is Dr. Robert Epstein. This is a presentation of the OSU Free Enterprise Society

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Bluntly Reclaim Federalism to Sustain a Divided Nation

Can the fight to legalize cannibis help united a staunchly divided nation? Tonight's guest speaker is Josh Hammer, a constitutional attorney and scholar. Tonight's event is sponsored by…

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Flat, Cool & Acid-free: Stillwater beginnings

Take a look back at the establishment of Stillwater and its Land-Grant University. Listen to other Library podcasts on the our website. Find archival photos of campus on the Oklahoma State…

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Open Educational Resources Author Panel

Three Oklahoma State University faculty members participate in a panel discussion on their work in developing an open educational resource for their courses and the OSU Library launches ePress. The…

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Constitution Day

Dr. Sam Lebovic Presents: "Free Speech and Unfree News: The Paradox of Freedom in America" Find out more about the event on the Library website.

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Orange and Black Gives Back

While athletes are balancing classes and a sport, you may wonder how they have free time...but hen you find out what they do in that free time, it may just surprise you.

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Celebrating Books by OSU Authors

Each Research Week, the Library honors OSU faculty, staff and students who have produced a book or major creative work such as a musical composition, art exhibit catalog or audio recording. During…

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Food Whys: Nitrates in Deli Meat

Jacob Nelson of DASNR's Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center explains the evolution of nitrates in foods and the recent trend of nitrate-free deli meat.

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