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Coffee Talk with Avery: Michelle Salazar

Michelle Salazar talks with Avery about being a first generation student, work ethic, and finding a sense of community at OSU.

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Tools to Help Your First-Generation Student Succeed

Representatives from the campus community and the Office of First Year Success will help families of first-generation students* navigate the transition to OSU and answer questions.

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From Four Room Schoolhouse to Veterinary College

She faced many challenges from a rural education in a four-room schoolhouse to not having anyone in her family who had gone to college to show her the ropes. Meet Dr. Katrina Meinkoth, a first…

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From First Generation College Student to Doctor

While her mother didn't have an opportunity to attend college, she made sure her daughters did. Hear from first generation college student Dr. Erin Stayton--veterinarian and second year resident…

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First in His Family to Earn a College Degree: Dr. Reed Holyoak

He was told he wasn't smart enough to be a veterinarian but that was all he ever wanted to be. Hear from Dr. Reed Holyoak, veterinarian, professor and board-certified theriogenologist at…

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Dr. DeMars First in his Family to earn a College Degree

If you are a first generation college student, navigating the academic system can be challenging. And it can be done. Hear from Dr. Paul DeMars, veterinarian, board certified practitioner, associate…

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Dr. Dan Burba: First Generation College Student

Sometimes you don't want to follow in someone else's footsteps; sometimes you want to follow your dream. Hear from first generation college student Dr. Dan Burba, veterinarian, board…

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Dr. Candace Lyman: First Generation College Graduate

Are you a first generation college student? The struggle is real and you can reach your goals. Hear from Dr. Candace Lyman, a veterinarian, board certified theriogenologist at OSU's Center for…

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First-Generation Student Goes Above and Beyond at OSU

First-generation student Omar Ibarra turned around his academics in high school and worked hard to come to OSU. He went even further as a Cowboy.

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Increasing Demand for Craft Beer

A generation of beer drinkers is becoming more interested in brews other than the traditional American light ale. It is only up for the craft beer industry from here!

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A First-Generation Student Recalls Her Journey to OSU

Leslie Farias, a first-generation student who recently graduated from OSU, talks about what brought her to the university and how it impacted her life.

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SUNUP: Planning for a Family Farm Transition

Shannon Ferrell explains how families can successfully transition farms from one generation to the next.

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