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Chilocco Indian School A Generational Story

Julie Pearson-Little Thunder, author of Chilocco Indian School A Generational Story, talks about the Native boarding school and the creation of the graphic novel. Chilocco Indian School A…

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Bat Soup and Signs of the Beast - COVID Legends and Conspiracy Theories

Andrea Kitta is a folklorist and professor at East Carolina University where she studies vaccination, belief, contemporary legends, and the supernatural. She is the author of Vaccinations and Public…

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Reflections: Modern Mirrors of Medieval Life

Dot Porter introduces the BiblioPhilly project and discusses the plan for the exhibit, which has the aim of bringing medieval manuscripts closer to the modern audience.…

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From Warrior to Saint: The Journey of David Pendleton Oakerhater

View the collection on the OSU Library website at

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Mobilizing the Humanities with Dr. Roopika Risam

Dr. Roopika Risam presents "Mobilizing the humanities, or how the torn apart/separados team built a digital humanities project in one week with no money." View the torn apart/separados…

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The Williams Hall Project

Follow the Oklahoma State University Archives on Facebook at for updates on the Williams Hall Project. Find more OSU and Oklahoma history at the Oklahoma State…

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College of Arts and Sciences

Learn about the College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

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Rethinking the Scholarly Monograph in the Digital Age with Dr. Laura Mandell

Downstream from the Digital Humanities, after all the tool development, database creation, and open annotation and linked data experiments, what should the digital scholarly monograph look like?

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Celebrating Books 2015

We honor over 40 Oklahoma State University authors, coauthors, and editors at the 9th annual Celebrating Books event in the Edmon Low library. Learn more about our most recent and our past…

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Three Minute Thesis: Taylor Woodall

Undergraduate Arts and Sciences student Taylor Woodall gives her three minute thesis on her research in American Studies.

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Three Minute Thesis: Samantha Mori

Undergraduate Arts and Sciences student Samantha Mori gives her three minute thesis on her research in Foreign Languages and Literatures.

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Framing History: Highlights from the Oklahoma State Capitol Senate Collection

Co-curated by Senator Charles Ford and OSU Museum of Art Director Victoria Rowe Berry, this exhibition recognizes those who, with a stroke of paint, capture stories as well as create an impression of…

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Writing Out Loud: Bernard Rollin

Teresa Miller talks with Bernard Rollin about animal ethics

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