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Day on the Line: Brandon Tyrrell and Corbin Thrush

Spears School of Business follows Brandon and Corbin as they prepare for game-day while they discuss how they handle balancing two different worlds.

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The Cowboy Marching Band

It's the brightest band in all the land....the spirit of Oklahoma State University!

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Drum Off

Can you beat the Cowboy Marching Band's top drummers? Can you show your skills in solos, cadences and more? Then show your skills on September 7 at 7pm at the Student Union Ampitheater.

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Happy Birthday to OSU's #1 Cowboy: Boone Pickens!

The entire Oklahoma State University family wishes Boone Pickens a very happy 90th birthday!

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Music Transcends Majors

Thousands of students in varying majors and from all walks of life pursue their degree at OSU while taking part in music, too.

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Countdown To Kickoff: Cowboy Marching Band

They practice in the summer heat, and they march up and down the field at Boone Pickens Stadium. Taylor Hernandez introduces us to the Cowboy Marching Band...

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Student Welcome Move-In Day: Cowboy Marching Band

Several thousand new students arrived on the Oklahoma State University campus Thursday. The students were greeted by the Cowboy Marching Band whose members helped move students in to their new…

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Anne and Michael Greenwood - 2016 OSU Hall of Fame

Michael L. Greenwood, a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Anne Morris Greenwood, a native of…

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Wayne Bovenschen Honored for Spirit Band Leadership

For 28 years, Wayne Bovenschen has lead the OSU Spirit Band at Cowboy and Cowgirl basketball games - 860 games to be exact. He's witnessed 95 conference tournament games, 53 postseason…

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Trilogy Performance: Cowboy Marching Band

Every year, the OSU Cowboy Marching Band rocks the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center when it hosts a recording session in Click Hall. For your listening pleasure, the Alumni Association recorded the…

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Philanthro Pete: Cowboy Marching Band

Click here to help support the OSU Marching Band

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Uniform Tag Sale: Cowboy Marching Band

The OSU Marching Band held a tag sale to sell retired band uniforms for Cowboy fans to purchase a piece of history.

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Uniform Tag Sale: Cowboy Marching Band

Own a piece of marching band history! A tag sale will be held to sell pieces of marching band uniforms that are no longer used. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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O'COLLY Day in the Life: Cowboy Marching Band

Patrick Lewis from the O'Colly shows us a day in the life of the Cowboy Marching Band....

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Worth Trumpeting

Band member's friendship with toddler inspires OSU family.

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Marching Band Uniforms: Cowboy Marching Band

The OSU Cowboy Marching Band reveal their new uniforms .

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