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Cow-Calf Corner - Weaning Calves for 45-Days (8/22/2)

Glenn Selk explains the benefits of weaning calves for 45 days ahead of sales, including value-added sales like OQBN. For more information visit For Extension fact…

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Cow-Calf Corner - The Benefits of Selling Groups of Calves (6/27/20)

Glenn Selk has details on how selling calves in larger groups can prove financially beneficial. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a…

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Spears Business Alumni Spotlight - Randall White

Randall White, President of the Educational Development Corporation and Spears Business graduate, talks about how he became an OSU Cowboy and where it's led him in his life and career.

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Spears Business Student Spotlight – Chance Imhoff

Learn about the life and educational career of Spears Business student, Chance Imhoff.

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2016 OSU 3MC Presentation Monika Ambadi

Business Intelligence

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2016 OSU 3MC Presentation Raghav Nargotra

DATA: How is it changing the future?

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OkState Extension Beef Value Added Specialist Gant Mourer stops by to review last year's OQBN numbers and their record premiums.

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Okla. Quality Beef Network: Value Added Numbers

OkState Agricultural Economist Eric DeVuyst gives viewers information about the prices of value added cattle at the sale barn.

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Oklahoma Quality Beef Network Fall Schedule

Gant Mourer, OKSTATE Extension Beef Specialist, tells viewers about the fall schedule for the Oklahoma Quality Beef Network Vac-45 Sales.

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